New biophilic and sustainable additions to our range

Quadrant’s two newest flooring collections beautifully showcase the organic textures and eco-friendly materials that are becoming increasingly popular with designers and architects. But as equally biophilic and sustainable as they both may be, the two product ranges are vastly different in look, feel and function.


Our remarkable collection of cork products combines stunning modern aesthetics with the amazing natural properties of one of the world’s most sustainable materials. The oak trees from which cork is harvested are neither felled nor cut in the process. In fact, their bark naturally regenerates and is stripped every nine years, an activity that contributes to the environmental, economic and social sustainability in rural areas of Portugal. State-of-the-art industrial processes in the next stage of production are so eco-friendly that all of the cork products are low or zero carbon, our flooring panels included. Any resulting cork powder is burned as biomass, a sustainable energy resource that powers the production facilities.

Not only is cork a truly environmentally friendly material, but it makes for a beautiful floorcovering too. The product is available in a spectrum of patterns and colour washes, all in tune with the ever popular biophilic design trend. What’s more, cork’s acoustic properties make it exceptionally efficient in modern commercial spaces, including libraries, hotels and open-plan offices.

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Every stage of our Scape collection’s lifespan has been carefully planned out, from pre-production to the end of its use. That’s because Scape uses ECONYL®, a nylon made from waste that’s been recovered from landfill and the ocean. Through a radical regeneration process, this nylon waste is recycled back to its original purity and then used to create sustainable Scape. By returning to this regeneration process, products from our Scape collection can later be recycled, recreated and remoulded infinitely. That means that new products like flooring or fabrics can be made without the need for new resources.

The two branches of the Scape collection are designed to mimic key elements in nature – the Treescape that gives life and the Rockscape that provides shelter. Distinctive, complex patterns and rich, natural textures bring the collection in tune with the core principles of biophilic design, connecting commercial interiors with our organic surroundings.

To find out more about Scape click here.

Our two new flooring collections, Scape and Cork, pay homage to the growing biophilic trend, whereby natural textures and elements play a central role in interior design. What’s more, they’re an intriguing prospect for designers and architects looking to incorporate more sustainable materials into their commercial projects.

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