Cortex Sunray


The Cortex collection represents cork in it’s most natural form; organic patterns of various scales created by combining different granule sizes from different parts of the tree bark. We affectionately call it “corky-cork”.

All our cork products are produced by Wicanders, a company with a legacy that goes back to 1868 and global brand leaders in cork flooring products. Wicanders combine state-of-the-art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork to achieve a higher standard of cork flooring that provides a silent and thermally insulated environment, endures impacts and heavy commercial use, and enhances wellbeing. Cork is one of nature’s greatest gifts, a beautiful, sustainable material with a unique combination of properties.





This section contains all the resources you will need to help you specify, install and maintain your Quadrant flooring products – all ready to download to your computer or device.

Product Specifications

Product construction, performance, availability and packing information.

Installation Guides

Detailed installation instructions for each of our flooring systems.

Maintenance Guides

Important information on maintaining your Quadrant flooring.

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