Noble Jutta
Noble Jutta

Noble Jutta


With our Ntgrate Woven Vinyl Collection, design goes hand-in-hand with a high-tech production process. State-of-the-art weaving machinery produces high quality woven vinyl flooring that meets the strong aesthetic and technical requirements for commercial flooring.

Noble occupies the middle ground between it’s sister products. Oozing class and elegance, it is a complex, small scale design that echoes old stone floors and distressed mosaics from a bygone era.

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Assenede City Hall

Location Assenede, Belgium

Assenede is one of the oldest villages in Flanders, the earliest mention of Assenede dates back to the 10th century. Now a bustling small town close to the Dutch border, Assenede’s contemporary town hall of modern rectangular blocks and charcoal brickwork sits comfortably amidst the historic buildings of the town. The administrative areas have recently been completely refurbished, and Ntgrate Noble woven vinyl flooring, in colour Edward, was chosen for all the floor areas. Noble is a highly technical floor fabric, rich in colour, texture and pattern, and perfectly suited to



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