Quadrant is a leading supplier of high-performance flooring for commercial interiors, and a specialist in genuinely sustainable cork flooring products. A partner of choice for design-led projects across the UK and Europe, we are committed to delivering innovative flooring solutions that satisfy the needs of the corporate, retail, education and leisure sectors, while also positively impacting the future of our planet.  

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Climate positive, PVC free, high performance cork flooring where every plank is built on the same strong belief that products of the future should be more than just a collection of features, they should be absolutely sustainable, healthy, practical and have a positive impact on the future of the planet.



Natural beauty and technical innovation come together to make Recork Una the ultimate flooring choice for an environmentally conscious world. With an exceptionally low carbon footprint, and an even more impressive carbon balance, Recork Una helps to actively reverse global warming.



The collection is made up of three gorgeous ranges, Shimmer, Glow and Radiance. Shimmer is the deepest, softest and most indulgent member of the collection, with Glow offering a more textured aesthetic and Radiance rounding off the collection with a more compact construction.

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