The biophilic aesthetic of natural cork flooring

We love discussing the incredible potential of cork flooring with architects and designers. This organic material is packed with natural properties that make it ideal for high-spec commercial design projects – all while being easy on the environment. It’s even available in a wood or concrete-effect plank, offering all the natural goodness of cork without the corky look.

On some projects, however, it’s the full cork aesthetic that runs the show!


Thanks to cork’s natural variations in texture and tone, it has a richness and depth rarely found in other flooring types. It also aligns with the core principles of biophilic design, whereby elements from the natural world are incorporated into an interior space. This biophilic approach is proven to improve wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance creativity.

And when designers incorporate cork into their biophilic design schemes, the results are stunning.

The cork look in action at Notting Hill Genesis

The team from Magenta Projects opted for cork flooring as part of their biophilic scheme for the new Notting Hill Genesis space. Alongside naturemoss signage by Innerspace and wooden-legged, honeycomb furniture, our cork flooring in shade Flux Ecru provided a natural welcome to the space.

Corklook: Flux Ecru

The corky aesthetic with a twist at Greenpeace

Being the diverse material that it is, cork offers many different possibilities. Various corky looks can be achieved without removing the material’s signature irregular grain and natural hue.  Yes, variety is possible while still honouring the natural cork aesthetic! And these new designs adhere to those same principles of biophilic design.

Corklook: Band Ecru

Band is a product that shows the natural cork aesthetic in a whole new format, with narrow strips of cork providing a distinct look. sAtt picked this unique texture for the walls and floors of meeting rooms at Greenpeace Madrid in a stunning example of ecological architecture. 

In line with Greenpeace’s mission to “promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future”, sAtt created a space that honoured the key principles of biophilic design. And just as importantly for Greenpeace, they did so using a truly sustainable material.

Climate-positive cork flooring

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials there is – making it a natural choice for the sAtt team when designing for Greenpeace. Every plank in our Climate+ Collection is built on the belief that products of the future should be healthy, practical and have a positive impact on the planet. We’re proud to say that all of the products in this collection have a carbon negative footprint. (You can read more about our fabulously sustainable cork flooring collection here.)

We’re delighted to have seen our Corklook cork flooring in meeting rooms, entrance halls, and even calling booths (pictures 5 and 7 of the Instagram post below.)

To browse the full collection and order free samples, click here to get started.

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