The Climate+ Collection

Every product should have a positive impact on the planet’s future, and the Climate+ Collection helps promote balance between people and the natural environment. As a revolutionary ecological solution, Climate+ is the future of commercial flooring. It combines genuine performance, innovative design and exceptional sustainability with the aesthetics of cork, a completely natural raw material that is renewable and biodegradable. The Climate+ Collection is PVC free and provides a sustainable and responsible alternative to traditional vinyl, LVT, laminate, engineered and solid wood floorings.
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Design & Technology

Created around biophilic principles, the Climate+ Collection helps reconnect interior design with the natural world through organic design. Every plank of cork flooring is entirely unique, with no repetitions. The collection consists of two distinct visuals, cork-effect Corkform and wood-effect Corkwood.
Innovative multi-layer construction

Products in the Climate+ Collection benefit from an innovative multi-layer cork construction. These include a base layer of agglomerated cork underlay that reinforces thermal and acoustic properties, a rigid core layer that provides stability, and a comfort layer of prime quality cork that provides superior comfort, noise reduction and warmth underfoot. Finally, a decorative layer of either cork veneer or a realistic digital print is topped with a wear layer of UV cured, PVC-free acrylic matte varnish.

Corkwood is available in two formats: dryBAC planks for a glue-down installation and clicBAC planks for a floating installation. Corkform is currently only available in clicBAC planks, which do require expansion gaps, but a dryBAC version is coming soon.

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Features & Benefits

Combining durability with quality of life

The Climate+ Collection is among the first cork flooring products on the market to meet class 33 classification – this defines the flooring as suitable for use in heavy commercial settings and in meeting related industry standards. With superior wear and mechanical resistance, the products can withstand heavy commercial traffic levels, and are simple and cost-effective to maintain. Cork’s elasticity and compressibility allows it to naturally adapt to pressure without losing flexibility. Boasting high impact resistance, cork recovers its initial shape and volume without damage after being compressed. The unique ability to bounce back after hard impacts gives the Climate+ Collection exceptional shock absorbing performance and results in robust flooring with a long lifespan.

The Climate+ Collection also makes use of cork’s natural properties to promote wellbeing, encouraging a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. With low chemical emissions, these products meet the strictest international indoor air quality standards. They offer superior walking comfort by reducing heel strike impacts and related body tensions, while at the same time providing sufficient stability to reduce physical strain and release body fatigue. Because of its natural honeycomb structure, which contains millions of air-filled cells, cork has unique natural thermal insulation properties. This means Climate+ products reduce heat dispersion and ensure optimal temperature control all year round. Thanks to its unique cell composition, cork also acts as an acoustic insulator, providing extremely efficient background sound absorption and impressive walking sound reduction, to limit noise pollution. In addition, products in the collection are water-resistant and therefore quick and easy to clean.


Regenerative by design

The Climate+ Collection is produced within a circular economy model that turns waste and used corks from the bottle stopper industry into valuable and sustainable flooring products. Cork itself is a completely natural, renewable and recyclable raw material. The cork industry operates in a delicate and sustainable balance with the forest, preserving and protecting it, so no trees are damaged or cut down during cork oak harvest. What’s more, the cork oak forest retains five times more CO2 from the atmosphere than other trees, helping to reduce Global Warming Potential (GWP).

The production process behind the Climate+ Collection respects the highest standards in environmental protection. Any waste or surplus cork is collected, granulated and reincorporated into the process. Even dust from the production lines is burned to generate energy through biomass. These fully integrated processes result in a low carbon footprint. With consideration to the amount of carbon sequestered from the Montado – the forest ecosystem where the cork oak is harvested – products in the Climate+ collection have a negative carbon balance that can reach -101 kg CO2eq/m2. This helps in decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and contributes to addressing global climate change concerns. Due to their sustainability credentials, all products in the collection contribute with points to LEED and BREEAM building sustainability certifications.

Recent Projects