The Climate+ Collection

Climate positive, PVC free, high performance cork flooring

Every plank is built on the same strong belief that products of the future should be more than just a collection of features, they should be absolutely sustainable, healthy, practical and have a positive impact on the future of the planet.


Authentic cork and wood aesthetics

The Climate+ Collection is available in two versions: Corkform explores the natural cork aesthetic through combinations of patterned veneers and colour washes, beautifully reimagining the traditional look of cork. For lovers of timber, Corkwood replaces the cork veneers with stunning, high definition wood prints, finished with a gorgeous matte veneer, to produce an incredibly authentic looking timber floor.



Corkform Block Bone from the Climate + Collection, just one of a collection of stunning cork veneers that include organic and geometric patterns.


Corkwood Pumelo from the Climate+ Collection. The Corkwood range includes a beautiful selection of modern, traditional and rustic woods.


Fusing nature and technology

Traditional cork floating floors feature a High Density Fibreboard core. Climate+ replaces the HDF core with a Cork Rigid Core, a PVC-free core made from cork that improves stability and acoustics and results in a thinner, more flexible plank that contains up to 50% more cork, a truly sustainable raw material.

The uniqueness of our Climate+ floating floor system lies in its multi-layer construction. At its heart is the unique, PVC-free Cork Rigid Core that provides stability, with an integrated cork underlay that reinforces thermal and acoustic properties. Above the core is a 2.7mm layer of prime quality cork that provides superior performance in terms of comfort, noise reduction and warmth. The decorative surface is made up of the cork veneer or the digital print and the durable wear surface of UV cured, PVC-free acrylic matte varnish.



Being inspired by nature is the beginning, sustaining it is the real challenge

We believe the Climate+ Collection represents the future of flooring. It is a climate positive, high performance, PVC free, floating floor based on cork, a genuinely sustainable raw material. Every plank is built on the same strong belief that products of the future should be more than just a collection of features, they should be absolutely sustainable, healthy, practical and have a positive impact on the future of the planet.


Reducing Global Warming

The Climate+ Collection is carbon negative, retaining more CO2 than it emits, helping in the battle to reduce Global Warming

Indoor Air Quality & Environmental Performance

The Climate+ Collection plays an important role in personal wellbeing, being independently certified as containing no harmful VOC’s. The collection can contribute valuable Health & Wellbeing credits to BREEAM schemes.

Respect for Nature is at the core of the collection, so making sure the products are certified to the highest standards is essential. Type II Ecolabels include Blue Angel and Greenguard, with a Type III EPD in process.

Protecting the Environment

No trees are cut or damaged during the harvesting of the bark of the cork oak tree

Supporting Local Economies

The cork oak forest creates jobs in the cork industry and in other related industries

Social Impact

Cork harvesting crosses generations and promotes settlement in rural areas

Short Distances

Factories are located close to the cork forests

Reuse of Waste

All cork waste is reincorporated into the production process


Dust from production is burned to produce energy. 65% of our energy comes from cork dust.


From nature to your workspace

By using our unique engineered multilayer structure, which combines state-of-the-art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork, a higher standard in flooring is achieved, providing the perfect match between beauty, comfort and durability.


Cork has excellent natural acoustic properties and Climate+ reduces walking noise by up to 53% over similar types of flooring

Impact Resistance

The natural elasticity of cork means Climate+ flooring acts as a natural shock absorber

Indoor Air Quality

Climate+ complies with the strictest UK and European indoor air quality standards

Natural Thermal Insulation

The unique properties of cork naturally maintain your floor at the optimal temperature all year round

Walking Comfort

The natural elasticity of cork significantly improves walking comfort and reduces fatigue, improving productivity

Reinforced Dimensional Stability

The unique PVC-free cork rigid core enhances dimensional stability

Minimum Subfloor Preparation

The unique product construction requires minimum subfloor preparation and hides minor subfloor imperfections

Cork Underlay Built-in

No requirement for underlay as an attached cork underlay is included for extra performance

Universal Installation System

The clever click fixing system and flexible plank construction speeds up installation

Superior Wear Resistance

Climate+ is engineered to perform in Heavy Commercial areas

No Expansion Joints

Install large open areas (up to 300m2) without expansion joints and do away with expansion joints between rooms


Climate+ is waterproof, mop-friendly and easy to clean


Corkwood combines the traditional look of wood flooring with the remarkable features of cork.

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Corkform explores the natural cork aesthetic in a number of pattern and colour combinations, each infused with the remarkable benefits of cork.

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