The Essence Collection

A collection of cork floors that celebrate the amazing environmental and wellbeing benefits of cork through a selection of beautiful organic patterns and colours. Essence is the perfect crossover product, being suited to residential or hotel applications as well as commercial spaces, such as collaboration areas, breakout spaces, meeting rooms and lounges. Click on the links in the images below to discover more about the ranges.



Design & Technology

The Essence Collection is supplied in 905mm x 295mm x 10.5mm clicBAC Planks for installation as a floating floor.
Essence clicBAC Infographic



Inspired by Nature and Wellbeing

Our unique cork floorcoverings use innovative techniques to enhance cork’s natural properties, and our portfolio integrates various solutions, each one aimed at revolutionising the traditional concept of cork flooring. From hotels and restaurants to libraries, museums and offices, our cork products are a super-sustainable option for any commercial project looking for exceptional comfort and performance.

Cork is a remarkable natural material. It is the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber), a slow growing tree from the Mediterranean with a lifespan of around 200 years. The first harvest takes place when the tree is 25 years old, with a further 9 years between subsequent harvests. The cork oak plays a central role in the environmental, economic and social development of this region. With unique technical properties, like sound absorption, thermal insulation, impermeability and fire resistance, cork is more akin to a lab-designed supermaterial than a naturally occurring sustainable material.

Essence Collection

Features & Benefits

Excellent Acoustics

Cork is an extremely efficient natural sound absorber because its cells work as an acoustic insulator. Products in the Essence Collection cut noise within an area, and act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath, making them exceptionally efficient for both residential and commercial spaces. When comparing the walking sound of cork and laminate flooring, tests confirm that the cork floor results in a walking sound reduction in of upto 53%. Products in the Essence Collection boast an impressive 16dB Impact Sound Reduction.

Natural Thermal Insulation

The natural thermal insulation properties of cork makes our Essence Collection very energy efficient flooring option. Cork retains an optimal floor temperature all year round, minimising heat dissipation and helping to maintain a healthy indoor temperature, and making it more comfortable to walk on than wood, vinyl and ceramic floors.

Better Walking Comfort

Walking on overly hard floors causes our muscles and tendons to vibrate. This is the result of the impact of our heel with the floor, and, in time, these vibrations may hurt our feet, legs, lower and upper back, creating an excess of tension. Conversely soft floors cause fatigue and aren’t easy to walk on; its a little bit like walking on sand!

Softer than wood, ceramics and laminates and harder than carpet, The Essence Collection represents the perfect mix between reducing heal strike impacts and providing the stability needed to make walking easy. As such our Essence floors play a very important role in reducing body fatigue and increasing productivity, especially in agile workspaces and education facilities.

Health Benefits

Among cork’s incredible properties is the fact that the material is hypoallergenic: it actually helps to protect you from allergies as it does not absorb dust. In addition, our Essence products are very easy to look after thanks to their high quality surface finishes. A regular clean using a vacuum cleaner and mop is all that it takes to contribute to a safe and healthy environment. As our Essence Collection meets the strictest international standards for VOCs, and does not accumulate dirts and germs, it contributes to better indoor air quality.



Environmental, Economic and Social Benefits

The cork oak tree retains 5x more CO2 from the atmosphere than any other tree, helping to reduce Global Warming Potential. The extraction of cork and its related industries are remarkably sustainable, since the tree is never cut down or damaged during the extraction process and the bark regenerates itself after each harvesting.

The cork forest is essential for the economic development of rural areas in the Mediterranean region, creating jobs and activities related to the harvesting and treatment of cork. Harvesting the cork is a regular and cyclical process, creating a continuous activity that contributes to the continued settlement of areas that might otherwise become desertified. It is a job that requires skill and experience and is one of the highest paid agricultural jobs in the world. These rural skills are passed down from generation to generation.

Cork oak forests are one of 35 biodiversity hotspots globally. They are home to 160 species of birds, 37 mammals and 24 reptiles and amphibians.

Essence Collection
Green Production

A substantial proportion of our Essence flooring is made from cork, a natural and renewable raw material. We use the waste from bottle stopper production rather than virgin cork, and any waste and surplus is collected, granulated and reincorporated in the production process, even the dust from the production lines is vacuumed and conducted into silos, where it is burned to generate energy through biomass. 65% of the energy used in our factories comes from burnt cork dust, a process that is carbon neutral.

The bark extraction is a manual process, which doesn’t require the use of polluting machinery. Also the cork treatment and storage facilities are located close to the forest, so we are able to minimise our carbon footprint in this initial step of the process.

Sustainable Products

Our Essence Collection perfectly aligns design, performance and sustainability, and is supported by a range of Indoor Air Quality certificates, certifying that no harmful VOC’s are present in the products. As respect for nature is at the core of our Essence Collection, we ensure our processes and products respect the highest standards in environmental protection. All the products in the Essence Collection contribute points towards BREEAM and LEED certifications, the European and US certifications for sustainable buildings.

Essence Collection

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