The Flat Weave Collection

Flat Weave is an innovative commercial carpet collection combining functionalist Scandi design concepts with exceptional durability, sustainable specifications and enhanced acoustic performance. The collection features three broadloom carpets – Alfa, Beta and Gamma – alongside three tile products – Chi, Epsilon and Tau. 



Design & Technology

Inspired by Scandi functionalism

The Flat Weave Collection features three broadloom carpets – Alfa, Beta and Gamma – alongside three tile products – Chi, Epsilon and Tau, which all exhibit the Vitruvian attributes of strength, utility, and beauty. Inspired by the functionalist Scandinavian design of the 1930s – known as Funkis – the carpets are simple and understated, characterised by subtle differences in the yarn properties and woven structure of each range. The colour palettes are a combination of the muted neutrals which are typical of Scandi design, and bolder shades that really enhance the surface textures of the carpets.

The Flat Weave Collection

Features & Benefits

Outstanding durability and acoustic performance

Suitable for high traffic areas such as offices, shops, schools, hotels and transport hubs, the collection is characterised by long lasting quality and easy maintenance, and is manufactured using traditional weaving methods, but on advanced high-tech looms to ensure uniform production. The easy to handle carpets benefit from a quicker and more cost-effective installation process than a traditionally installed broadloom. The flat woven construction of the carpets combined with the use of technologically sophisticated nylon fibres produces a very dense, durable wear surface with outstanding longevity and appearance retention.

The collection promotes wellbeing through its acoustic properties, including impact sound reduction and airborne sound absorption. The carpets can be supplied with attached acoustic backing in various weights to provide up to 26dB impact sound reduction – invaluable in modern open plan offices and educational facilities. The range is ultra-low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reaching the industry’s highest standards for indoor air quality and meeting BREEAM exemplary criteria.

The Flat Weave Collection


Low-resource production and exceptional longevity

Following the principles of good environmental stewardship, the Flat Weave Collection is lightweight and manufactured using as few resources as possible, without sacrificing functionality and style. Advanced raw materials, product engineering and manufacturing techniques result in a high performance, dimensionally stable and incredibly durable product that will defer the need for a costly and environmentally damaging replacement.

Tile and acoustic broadloom backings are made from 100% recycled felt, and every product is supported by a third-party certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that complies with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards and contains a detailed life-cycle analysis – usually cradle to grave – to be used in building sustainability assessment schemes such as BREEAM and LEED. An EPD is also one of the rating criteria for SKA, the RICS environmental assessment method, benchmark and standard for non-domestic fit-outs.

The Flat Weave Collection

Available Formats

Flexible configuration for efficient installation

Tiles are 480mm x 480mm modules on a 350 g/m2 felt backing as standard but can be configured to satisfy the complex demands of workplace flooring specifiers. They can be supplied in different tile and plank sizes to speed up large installations, minimise waste and enable colour mixing or creative design. Tau tiles can be supplied in a unique felt BAC-Z format with a zigzag-cut leading and trailing edge that allows installation using a monolithic rather than quarter turn method, giving a seamless surface and the appearance of broadloom carpet. Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Epsilon and Tau can also be supplied in various broadloom formats, including three acoustic backings.

The Flat Weave Collection