Natural beauty and technical innovation come together to make Recork the ultimate flooring choice for an environmentally conscious world. With an exceptionally low carbon footprint, and an even more impressive carbon balance, Recork Una helps to actively reverse global warming.  

Recork Una Birch Beige

Design & Technology

Tough and durable, with a high-performance surface that can be recoated when necessary, Recork Una is designed to last a lifetime. And with properties that promote health and wellbeing through cleaner air, acoustic and thermal insulation, and superior comfort it is suited to a wide range of interiors. Did we mention it looks incredible too?          
Strength and beauty combined

The organic warmth and texture of cork shines through the Recork Una collection, making it the ultimate flooring choice for bringing the outdoor environment indoors. Made almost entirely of agglomerated cork plank, Recork Una is coloured with plant-based oils to enhance its natural beauty. Available in six unique colours, from contemporary Broken White and Concrete Grey to richer Kimono Brown and Dark Amber, Recork Una works with any theme or colour scheme.

Cork has inherent elasticity, so Recork Una bounces back from impacts without damage. Its surface is primed with a specially developed precoat to maintain these capabilities and, once the flooring is laid, it is overcoated with an innovative HFX surface finish. This virtually invisible layer is ultra matt and extremely tough, providing outstanding chemical and wear resistance. Recork Una can be periodically recoated, giving it an exceptionally long lifespan.

Features & Benefits

A natural choice for wellbeing

Recork Una promotes health and wellbeing through improved indoor air quality, thermal and acoustic insulation, and superior walking comfort. These properties make it the perfect flooring solution for offices, educational facilities and health centres.

The exceptional insulative capabilities of Recork Una come from cork’s unique honeycomb structure. The millions of air-filled cells within this structure allow sound to be absorbed, particularly between floors, reducing noise pollution and creating calm environments that enable concentration and increase productivity.

The same honeycomb structure also delivers thermal insulation, so flooring feels warm underfoot. Cork’s natural compressibility reduces heel strike impact, while maintaining enough support and stability to prevent fatigue and deliver ideal walking comfort. And its non-slip properties also reduce the risk of accidents.

Recork Una is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic as it doesn’t promote the growth of mites or harbour dust. It is free from biocides and emits exceptionally low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resulting in cleaner, healthier air. The Recork Una collection is third-party certified for air quality, with accreditations including TUV Proficert Premium, Blue Angel and GEV Emicode EC1 Plus.


Reducing emissions and boosting biodiversity

Recork Una is 85% cork, which is naturally renewable, recyclable and reusable. The raw material is harvested from well-managed cork oak Montado in Portugal, which is cultivated solely for the purpose of cork production.

Recork Una’s cradle-to-grave carbon footprint is exceptionally low compared with other flooring products, at just 0.68 kg CO2eq/m2. But when the carbon sequestered by the cork oak trees is factored in, the more representative carbon balance figure is -186 kg CO2eq/m2. This means each square metre of flooring removes up to 186 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its lifetime, so using Recork Una can actively help to reverse global warming.

By supporting the cultivation of the Portuguese Montado, Recork Una not only removes CO2 from the atmosphere, it also contributes to maintaining a biodiverse ecosystem. The Montado provides a natural habitat for 200 animal species and 130 plant species per 1,000m2, including rare and endangered species such as the Iberian lynx. It creates a microclimate to limit summer and winter excesses, helps soil conversion and water cycle regulation, and protects against erosion and desertification. Recork Una truly protects the planet by reducing carbon emissions and promoting biodiversity.

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