The Salto LVT Collection

A great way to add a sleek, good-looking floor in spaces demanding function and low maintenance.

Tough and capable in the most intensive areas, Salto brings elegance to commercial projects. From timeless and classic woods through to sophisticated slate and cool concretes, Salto gives the look and feel of natural materials, but without many of the installation and maintenance complications, Salto has the look without the fuss.

Salto 70


Salto, the next-generation loose-lay LVT

The unique multilayered architecture of Salto ensures the best possible performance and stability.

Salto 70

Made from virgin, recyclable PVC with a rigid, fibreglass strengthened core, our loose-lay LVT is available in two grades: Salto 55 features a 0.55mm wear layer, making it suitable for Class 33 Heavy Commercial use, while Salto 70 comes with a 0.70mm PU wear layer for Class 34 Intensive use areas. Both surfaces are textured and impregnated with ceramic nano-beads that help prevent scuffing and scratching. The large-scale, high density print layer, combined with the matte finish, provides a truly authentic floor finish, whether you choose a wood, stone of concrete visual.

– Superior Dimensional Stability
– Easy to Install, Replace & Remove
– Certified Low VOC’s & Pthalate-free Technology
– 100% Recyclable
– Water Resistant
– Suitable for Underfloor Heating
– Easy to Maintain


Our Salto LVT stands out from the crowd

When it comes to making high quality loose lay LVT flooring the devil is in the detail. Rest assured that Salto is engineered to the highest standards.


Salto loose lay vinyl flooring delivers an authentic look to the floor thanks to very high-definition digital prints and structured surface textures. That means no ugly pattern repeats and a far more authentic overall appearance. The print film and PU wear layer combine to produce a very natural, matte finish to the surface.

Another common issue with loose lay LVT’s is mirroring, where imperfections in the subfloor become clearly visible on the surface of the product. Whilst there is no substitute for a well prepared subfloor, Salto’s substantial backing and rigid construction minimise mirroring, so your floor looks great and performs superbly.


Choose either our Salto 70 with it’s super-strong 0.70mm PU wear layer which achieves Class 34 Intensive use rating, or Salto 55, with a 0.55mm PU wear layer which achieves Class 33 Heavy Commercial use. Ceramic nano-beads embedded into the PU film make sure Salto fends off scuffs, marks and stains with ease and stands up to intensive footfall. With UV-protection, the floor will not fade or discolour, even in buildings with entirely glazed facades, Salto loose lay vinyl is one tough floor that won’t let you down. which means that beautiful, natural flooring effects can transform areas under intense use.

Salto 55 Stone


Salto 55 Stone is available in a selection of five stone and concrete-effect finishes. Tiles are 50cm x 50cm and planks 120cm x 18cm. Light and Dark Stone are available in both standard and acoustic format.

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Salto 55 Wood


This collection features a mix of contemporary, traditional and rustic wood visuals in 120cm x 18cm planks, with three colourways available in both standard and acoustic formats.

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