Two friendlier alternatives to real concrete flooring

Designers and architects have long looked to concrete when creating new spaces. And the material is now more fashionable than ever.

However, concrete can be incredibly harmful at every stage of its lifecycle. With materials extracted through mining, the massive amounts of CO2 emitted during its manufacture, and it ending up in landfill, concrete has an extreme environmental impact. In fact, Guardian Cities recently referred to concrete as “the most destructive material on Earth”.

At Quadrant, we’ve seen how popular the raw concrete aesthetic is in commercial design projects – but also how our clients and partners are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the new spaces they create. That’s why we’re proud to offer two concrete-look products that are more practical and sustainable than the real thing:


Looks like concrete, performs like cork. Far from our planet’s most destructive material, cork is actually one of the most sustainable.

Why? Extracted and produced in an eco-sustainable process, the cork industry has a positive social and economic impact. Trees aren’t cut or felled – their cork simply regrows and is harvested every nine years. Portugal’s cork forests retain 4.8 million tons of CO2 each year, with the resulting cork powder burned as biomass to provide a major source of sustainable energy.

A stunning interpretation of concrete, Corkrete is one of our five cork flooring products. It has a unique aesthetic created by applying a neutral colour wash to the pared-down design of its cork surface veneer. And that’s not all: Cork’s natural properties make it a sound-reducing and thermally insulating flooring product, comfortable underfoot and ideal for heavy commercial use.

Corkrete, the sustainable alternative to concrete flooring
Corkrete Shadow at Six Senses Hotel in Duoro, Portugal

Take a closer look at Corkrete…

Salto Loose Lay LVT

Designed for busy spaces that demand great-looking, hard-working, easy-to-install floors.

Salto is our range of loose-lay LVT flooring tiles, with a distinct concrete appearance replicated using high-definition digital prints and structured surface textures. The shade Light Concrete has proved to be one of our most popular products across the board, being used for such clients as Nexus Underwriting, Reply, Hiber, GoCardless and Duke (pictured below).

Salto LVT, the sustainable alternative to concrete flooring
Salto Dark Concrete at Reply in London

Salto has a super-strong and robust surface, with a 0.7mm PU wear layer that achieves Class 34 Extreme Commercial Use and protects from scratches and scuffs. The concrete-effect tiles are quick and cost-effective to install. They can also be removed, replaced or lifted to provide access to underfloor services, far exceeding the capabilities of real concrete flooring.

Salto LVT, the sustainable alternative to concrete flooring
Salto Light Concrete at Vodafone in London

Take a closer look at Salto…

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