Cork meets wood: Introducing Corkwood flooring

All the natural properties and environmental benefits of cork flooring, now in an authentic wood aesthetic. Corkwood is the latest addition to our cork flooring collection, comprising four contemporary shades, four traditional and four rustic. We’re extremely excited to have started introducing this new line to designers looking for sustainable, biophilic flooring solutions for commercial projects.

The specs of the Corkwood range are hard to beat – and oftentimes hard to believe.

Unbelievable natural properties

Though woody in appearance, Corkwood offers all the natural properties of the corkier members of our cork flooring collection. That’s because, under the wood print layer, each Corkwood plank has an integrated cork underlay and Cork Rigid Core inlay. These offer a number of benefits:

— Extremely efficient natural sound absorption for noise reduction.

— Natural thermal insulation for year-round optimal temperature.

— Impact resistance and shock absorption for walking comfort like no other, reducing heel strike impacts and related body tensions.

Splash-friendly and built to last

Corkwood is a resilient, low maintenance floor covering for commercial projects of all types. Its Superior Resistance Technology wear layer offers excellent performance for heavy commercial traffic. As with our other cork flooring products, high mechanical strength and stain resistance come as standard.

Corkwood is also 100% waterproof, making it ideal for any indoor area, including staff bathrooms and office kitchens. It’s mop-friendly and easy to clean and maintain.

Climate positive, carbon negative

Our cork flooring collection is sustainable by heart, being both kind to the planet and having an incredibly positive impact on the local Portuguese economy where the cork is harvested.

Respect for nature is a core value at every step of production and distribution. Cork flooring is the purest outcome of the circular economy model, as waste and used cork stoppers are recycled to produce it. This green production process makes Corkwood and all of the other products in the cork collection carbon negative.

Learn more about the incredible sustainability of our cork flooring collection here.

Easy to install and repair

Corkwood features an extra strong universal locking system and, with minimum subfloor preparation required, can easily be installed on top of existing hard floors. Without expansion joints, it offers an aesthetically pleasing transition between rooms.

Making installation even easier, Corkwood comes in a 7.3mm-thick plank that sits at the same height as carpet, broadloom and other flooring types when laid.

In the unlikely event of a plank becoming damaged, replacing it is easy. Here’s how.

Shade: Klinki

Click here to browse our 12 new Corkwood shades, the latest additions to our sustainable cork flooring collection.

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