Flooring for a Circular Economy

Our CPD Presentations

We are committed to supporting the continual professional development (CPD) of design professionals by providing detailed training presentations to architects, specifiers and interior designers across the UK. Our CPD presentations are designed to help you understand the benefits of specific types of commercial flooring systems and show you samples, so that we can better support you in the specification of your projects.
We can come to your office and deliver our CPDs in person, or do them remotely. If you would like to know more, email us at info@quadmod.com or drop us a message here

Cork, nature's wonder material

Responding to demand from our customers, eager to learn more about the amazing sustainability and wellbeing qualities of cork, Quadrant created a CPD presentation, which we are delighted to make available to A&D practices.

Our 40-minute presentation, entitled “Cork – Natural Born Technology”, helps people understand where cork comes from. We take you on a journey into Portugal’s cork oak montado, where you’ll meet the amazing tree that is helping protect against global warming. You’ll follow cork’s green production process, from harvest through to bottle stopper creation, and see how waste is used to craft sustainable products, like our Corkwood and Corkform. We cover the highly skilled craft of harvesting the bark without harming or felling the trees. We show how it supports unique flora and fauna (cork forests are a recognised one of the world’s great biodiversity hotspots), and cork’s remarkable ability to sequester carbon.

We share how the composition and structure of this renewable, recyclable material results in unique properties (acoustic and heat insulation) for use in architecture and interior finishes. We give examples of its applications and how these properties translate into a carbon-negative, commercial flooring that contributes to the design and construction of healthy, environmentally compliant buildings.