Salto 55 LVT

Elegance gets functional

Our newly updated Salto 55 LVT collection features sleek flooring with in-built durability.

The new Salto 55 collection balances beautiful form with function. Beneath sleek finishes, unique multi-layered architecture ensures the loose-lay LVT requires minimal upkeep and remains hard-wearing; Giving the look of natural materials without installation complications.

Salto 55 LVT
Pale Concrete, Leaden Concrete and Shasta

The Salto 55 Collection is available in a selection of ten stone and concrete-effect finishes, with a number of visuals available in standard and acoustic formats. There are fourteen stunning wood-effect visuals. Blending high-definition digital print films, structured surface textures and matte finishes, Salto 55 Stone and Salto 55 Wood deliver an exceptionally authentic appearance.

Salto 55 LVT
Dark and Light Marquina

Substantial backing and rigid construction also mean common loose-lay LVT issues such as mirroring — where imperfections in subfloors become clearly visible through the tile — are significantly reduced, while UV-protection guards against fading or discolouration; even in buildings with glazed facades.

Salto 55 LVT
Maguay, Emory, Swamp and Catawba

To maximise sustainability, the flooring in the Collection closely aligns with green building principles; not only built to last and delay the need for replacement, but also curb environmental impact. Made from 100% recyclable PVC, Salto 55 is certified for low presence of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and produced using phthalate-free technology — an attribute that brings the additional benefit of enhancing employee wellbeing by limiting associated health risks.

“Companies often feel selecting flooring means opting for either great-looking design or durability, the Salto Collection ensures it doesn’t have to be a choice between the two; they can have the best of both worlds,” commented James Scully, Managing Director of Quadrant.

“With superior dimensional stability and high-quality printing, our latest range offers aesthetically appealing surfaces and the best possible long-term performance.

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