Opulent Shimmer carpet, now in three new regal shades

Quadrant has added three jewel-tone shades to its highly successful Shimmer carpet range, one of which has been beautifully laid in the O2 Blueroom at The O2 Arena.

Ever since launching, Shimmer has been the star of our Tussah Collection. Its subtly neutral palette of shimmering, silken greys, browns and beiges has been selected for the floors of many an executive meeting room, hotel suite and breakout space in London and throughout the UK.

Designed to replicate the beauty of natural silk, the sophisticated and elegant carpet has an unmistakably opulent vibe. And thanks to clever yarn engineering, which uses high-quality nylon fibres in robust constructions, Shimmer offers the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

It’s ideal for high-specification spaces, be it under relaxed seating, office furniture, or in a hospitality setting.

Shimmer Azure
Shimmer Pine at the O2 Areana

Three new shades

To complement the existing Shimmer range, we’ve added three new shades – Azure, Pine and Cardinal. The trio of jewel tones bring sophisticated, regal colour to the current palette and give designers new, bolder opportunities to add a touch of luxury to their projects.

As with the rest of the Shimmer range, these new shades can be laid three ways: in four-metre-wide broadloom with Webtex backing, 100-by-25-centimetre planks with Liftbac backing with a pre-applied tackifier adhesive, or as a made-to-measure area rug with taped or folded edges.

A VIP flooring product

We’re delighted to be able to share a first look at the O2 Blueroom at The O2 Arena featuring Shimmer in shade Pine. Platform Group wanted to create a fresh, memorable and exciting experience for the space – one that feels both exclusive and inclusive – and Shimmer delivers on all fronts.

Shimmer was inlaid alongside herringbone vinyl, giving it a seamless feel, and in the popular plank format, making it easy to swap out and change if necessary.

Katherine Shrubb of Platform Group said: “Shimmer carpet was perfect for the new lounge scheme. Its luxurious feel, amazing colour and hard-wearing properties made it the ideal choice and one of the first things we specified!”

Explore the full Shimmer range here…

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