Out with the old and in with the new

The Salto 55 Loose-Lay LVT collection gets a refresh

In November 2020 our superb Salto 55 Loose-Lay LVT collection is being updated, with new items being added, and a few old stalwarts being replaced. Thanks to continually evolving technology we are able to produce more and more realistic print films and we are really excited to bring them to the market.

For many years our Salto 55 Light Concrete has been a firm favourite amongst specifiers, gracing thousands of commercial projects across the UK and Europe. Now it is being discontinued, to be replaced by new, more realistic representations of concrete, more convincing than any other LVT’s that have gone before.

A few of the many Salto Light Concrete projects we have completed

Concrete is such an important material in modern interior design as it works so beautifully as a foil for softer materials, and serves as an important anchor material in all types of interior schemes, from industrial to tech, urban to biophilic; in fact the concrete look works in almost every commercial environment you can imagine.

From Left to Right: NEW Pale Concrete, Light Concrete, NEW Leaden Concrete

Our updated Salto 55 Stone collection retains four items from the existing range: Light & Dark Stone, Limecrete and Shotcrete, with six new stone and concrete effect items. Perhaps most notable amongst these are the direct replacements for Light Concrete: Pale Concrete and Leaden Concrete (shown above). These brand new visuals are incredibly detailed and true-to-life, with Pale Concrete available in two sizes (457mm x 457mm and 914mm x 914mm) as well as in a 914mm x 914mm acoustic version. Leaden Concrete is available in 914mm x 914mm tiles, in both standard and acoustic format.

Also well worth checking out is Marquina, a stunning marble-effect design available in light and dark variants. The level of detail and variation in these visuals is incredible.

NEW Salto 55 Dark Marquina (L) and Light Marquina (R)

Our Salto 55 Wood selection has also been refreshed and expanded, with the introduction of eight stunning new timbers, and the expansion of our acoustic options from three to seven. New items include Shasta, a stunning visual that mimics petrified wood, and Maguay, a stunning blackended timber effect.

From Left to Right: NEW Salto 55 Wood colours Maguay, Shasta, Overcup and Catawba

Check out the new Salto 55 Stone visuals here… and the new Salto 55 Wood visuals here…

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