A stunning flat weave carpet featuring a dense nylon pile that guarantees outstanding performance and durability. Beauty comes in the form of the elegant, finely ribbed surface texture and the 35 gorgeous colours.

Alfa is a beautifully crafted flat woven carpet, made in Scandinavia using traditional weaving techniques honed by craftsmen over the past hundred and fifty years. The Flat Weave Collection features three broadloom carpets – Alfa, Beta and Gamma – alongside three tile products – Chi, Epsilon and Tau, which all exhibit the functionalist attributes of strength, utility, and beauty. Inspired by the functionalist Scandinavian design of the 1930s – known as Funkis – the carpets are simple and understated, characterised by subtle differences in the yarn properties and woven structure of each range. The colour palettes are a combination of the muted neutrals which are typical of Scandi design, and bolder shades that really enhance the surface textures of the carpets.

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