Treescape Hazel


Available Formats:

500mm x 500mm Tile | 16 per box (4m2) 500mm x 500mm Acoustic Tile | 12 per box (3m2) 1000mm x 250mm Plank | 12 per box (3m2)
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Treescape is an innovative carpet tile that draws inspiration from our beautiful woodlands. In complete harmony with biophilic design principles, nature is reimagined in this incredible carpet tile range. Created on state-of-the-art carpet manufacturing equipment, each item in the range represents a different textural element from our native woodlands, and brings biophilia into the heart of the workspace, contributing to improved wellbeing and productivity. But while nature inspires us, it remains our duty to protect her, and this beautiful carpet plays its part, featuring a pile of regenerated  Econyl® nylon made from recovered waste and recycled fishing nets.

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