Corkwood dryBAC is the revolutionary new glue down version of our popular Corkwood range, essentially a high performance LVT without the PVC!

With respect for nature and wellbeing as its core values, Corkwood dryBAC is a revolutionary commercial flooring that combines performance, design and exceptional sustainability with the reassuring aesthetic of wooden floors. Part of our Climate+ Collection, Corkwood dryBAC is a floorcovering made predominantly of cork, recycled from the bottle stopper industry. When the carbon sequestered from the cork oak forest is taken into consideration, Corkwood’s carbon balance is a remarkable -93 kg CO2eq /m2. It contains no PVC, meets the strictest international indoor air quality standards, and of course, being cork, it also provides unique benefits like great acoustics, improved walking comfort, better thermal insulation, greater impact resistance, and exceptional durability, making Corkwood dryBAC the responsible and beautiful alternative to traditional LVT floors.

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