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Our Essence Collection is a cork-based commercial flooring product that celebrates the amazing natural properties and environmental benefits of cork through a selection of beautiful organic patterns and colours.

Cortex represents cork in its most natural form and celebrates the more traditional cork aesthetic; we affectionately refer to it as “corky cork”. Designed for commercial use, it is perfect for collaboration areas, breakout spaces, meeting rooms and lounges. Cork is not just a wonderful and sustainable raw material. It provides unique comfort features like great acoustic performance, walking comfort, thermal insulation and ultra-low VOC emissions. This remarkable combination of environmental and wellbeing benefits makes our Essence Collection the responsible alternative to timber, laminate and vinyl floors.

Cortex engineered planks with a 2G fixing system are designed for installation as a floating floor.

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  • Class 31 Moderate Commercial Use
  • CFL-S1 Flammability Rating
  • 16 dB Impact Sound Reduction
  • Suitable for wet UFH systems
  • Low Slip Potential
  • BREEAM Certified Low VOC Emissions
  • ISO14025 | EN15804 Certified EPD


Notting Hill Genesis

Location: Notting Hill, London

Design: Magenta Projects

Products used on this Project:
Salto 55 Vasey Salto 55 Vasey Cortex Sunray Cortex Sunray

Notting Hill Genesis
Notting Hill Genesis
Notting Hill Genesis
Notting Hill Genesis
Notting Hill Genesis
Notting Hill Genesis
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