Recork Una


Recork Una

Recork reinvents the humble cork floor, fusing nature with 21st century technology to create uniquely beautiful flooring for an environmentally conscious world. ...

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Recork Una is the natural flooring choice – a healthy, high-performance surface that looks and feels amazing, and benefits the planet by tackling climate change head on.

It is a product born of the circular economy, a production model dedicated to the elimination of waste and pollution, the recirculation of products and materials and the regeneration of nature. This innovative approach to manufacturing helps us tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together, while addressing important social needs. But Recork Una isn’t just great for the planet, its also good for you, with incredible health and comfort properties that reduce noise, provide thermal insulation, increase walking comfort, improve air quality and ensure long-term performance.

Please view or download the Recork Una Technical Datasheet under the Documents tab for a full performance specification.

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