Salto 70 Argile


Salto 70 is our flagship loose-lay LVT, featuring an indestructible 0.70mm PU wear layer that makes it suitable for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.

Salto 70 Stone is the ideal solution for today’s workspaces, featuring an extensive collection of ultra-realistic finishes that include concrete, stone and ceramic visuals. Salto 70 is quick and cost-effective to install using release adhesive, so tiles and planks can easily be removed and replaced or reused, or lifted to provide access to underfloor services.

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  • Loose Lay LVT Flooring
  • 0.70mm Textured UV-cured Wear Layer
  • High Definition Print
  • Phthalate-Free, Recyclable PVC Backing
  • 5.0mm Total Thickness
  • Class 34 Very Heavy Commercial Wear
  • ΔLw 7dB Impact Sound Reduction
  • Antistatic (<2kV)
  • Low Dry Slip Potential
  • ISO14025 | EN15804 Verified EPD
  • Tiles are 600mm x 600mm

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