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Salto 70 is our flagship loose-lay vinyl floor available in an extensive range of authentic wood, stone and ceramic designs. It features an indestructible 0.70 mm UV-cured polyurethane wear layer making it suitable for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.

Salto 70 is engineered from phthalate-free virgin PVC, so it can be easily recycled. Beneath the wear layer is a high definition, large repeat, highly realistic print film and beneath that a 5 mm thick hardBAC that minimises subfloor mirroring (a common issue with less robust products), making it ideal for use over raised access floors. Salto 70 is extremely colourfast and boasts excellent non-slip properties and ultra-low VOC emissions.

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  • Class 34 Extreme Commercial Use
  • BFL-S1 Flammability Rating
  • 7 dB Impact Sound Absorption
  • Suitable for wet UFH systems
  • ≤ 2.0 kV | Antistatic
  • Low Slip Potential
  • BREEAM Certified Low VOC Emissions
  • ISO14025 | EN15804 Certified EPD
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