Flooring for Wayfinding

Using flooring for wayfinding

As the country tentatively contemplates a return to the office, facility managers have been busy making sure everything is Covid-ready. Its not an easy task by any means, especially when you consider the financial implications of making major alterations to the workplace during a period of great uncertainty.

Among the many challenges to be considered is that of maintaining social distancing. Fortunately flooring can play an important role in helping keep people distanced and safe.

Cork inset into carpet to create a circulation route.

Using contrasting colours, patterns or even types of flooring is one of the most obvious ways to define pathways that help people circulate safely. The combinations you choose to create these circulation routes depends on the look you are going for: bold and colourful, sleek and subtle, hard and soft; flooring is a fairly easy way to implement an effective wayfinding system without making the office look like a busy motorway junction with masses of ugly signage.

In truth Interior Designers have been using these techniques for a number of years, more as a way to zone open plan offices to provide collaboration, meeting and breakout spaces, than as a response to the challenges of the Covid pandemic. So for designers, manufacturers or installers the jump from designing flooring for wayfinding, rather than just for zoning, is a very small one.

Subtley contrasting materials (LVT and Woven Vinyl) finished with red trim delineate this walkway.

Here are a few of our carpet tiles that are well suited to wayfinding applications: Esperance, Fossil, Tau

However some situations demand a more literal response to the task of keeping people socially distanced and on the right path. If you have, or are planning to install, hard flooring, such as our loose-lay LVT Salto, or our various cork floors, then floor graphics are a simple and cost-effective solution, and best of all they are removable, so when normality returns they can be peeled off and recycled, and the floor cleaned up. If you want something a bit more permanent then we can even cut arrows into some of our carpet tile ranges.

Travel-inspired floor graphics used to mark wayfinding routes

Salto Wood or Salto Stone, and our Climate+ Cork ranges, Corkform and Corkwood, work brilliantly with floor graphics.

Rugs are another easy way to define spaces, and personal zones, and Pooch and Frizzle, from our Runic Collection, are really useful because they can be cut to any size and need no edge binding… the unique non-slip lamBAC backing ensures the edges don’t fray. This makes them excellent value-for-money compared to fully finished rugs.

Our Pooch rugs are perfect for creating socially distanced collaboration areas.

Check out Pooch & Frizzle here.

The good news is using flooring for wayfinding need not involve reinventing the wheel. We have an extensive portfolio of products that can be combined in many, many ways to create great looking schemes that help keep offices and other workspaces Covid-safe.

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