Flooring for a Circular Economy

Cork flooring, a product of the circular economy

Quadrant has been proud to spearhead the return of cork flooring to the UK since adding cork flooring to our product portfolio recently . We’ve been busy introducing a new generation of specifiers to this sustainable product and teaching them about the extraordinary way in which it’s produced.

The circular economy

The circular economy is a fully integrated process into which any surpluses are reincorporated and both resources and overall waste are significantly reduced. Because of this, the resulting products typically have significantly lower carbon footprints.

Amorim is the largest producer of cork products in the world, including our new cork collection – and it’s a pioneer of the circular economy. Founded in 1870, the company is committed to ensuring the transition from a linear to a circular economy, making our cork flooring a truly sustainable product.

Flooring for a Circular Economy

Truly sustainable cork

After realising that the waste from bottle stopper production was too valuable to throw away, Amorim began using it to develop other products. They put this cork waste, as well as used stoppers, back into the process. And it doesn’t stop there – any remaining dust from the production lines is burned to generate biomass energy. This produces 65% of the energy used in Amorim’s factories.

The entire process is so eco-friendly that all of the cork products, flooring included, are low or zero carbon. Amorim has also reached a remarkable carbon negative footprint in its entire processes by keeping respect for nature at its core. True proponents of the circular economy!

The cycle in action

In 2011, Amorim partnered with NH Hotel Group to start recycling their used cork stoppers and bringing them back into the production process. 77 hotels in six countries took part with over two tons of cork stoppers recycled. The result? 8000m2 of flooring and wall coverings was produced and has been used in refurbishment work and the construction of new hotels.

A green vision

Amorim strives to add sustainable value to cork and maintain the cork oak forest in its native Portugal. Quadrant is proud to partner with Amorim in this mission, offering creative flooring solutions that preserve and protect the environment.

Our cork products

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