Carbon Negative Flooring

Carbon-negative flooring

Quadrant’s has expanded its cork flooring range with a new collection of carbon negative sustainable surfaces.

Having recently launched wood-effect Corkwood, we’ve just added five more products to the sustainable collection under the range name Corkform: Band, Block, Flux, Grain and Stripe. All five have a cork aesthetic and, with Corkwood, come together to make the Climate+ Collection.

Super sustainable cork flooring

The five new corky additions share the spectacular sustainability specs of the rest of our cork products. For one, they have a remarkable carbon negative footprint, with each plank retaining more CO2 than was used to produce it. It’s a climate positive approach, helping in the battle to reduce global warming. Hence the name of the collection!

What’s more, the Climate+ Collection planks are a product of the circular economy. They’re produced in a fully integrated process where surpluses are reincorporated and both resources and waste are significantly reduced. To put it simply, every plank in the Climate+ Collection is built on the belief that products of the future should be healthy, practical and have a positive impact on the planet.

Superior air quality and performance

The Climate+ Collection plays an important role in personal wellbeing. It can even contribute valuable health and wellbeing credits to BREEAM schemes. What’s more, it doesn’t contain any harmful VOCs and has a Greenguard Rating Gold for low chemical emissions and high air quality.

Every product in the Climate+ Collection also boasts incredible natural properties. This makes it a spectacular solution for commercial projects. These properties include thermal insulation and extremely efficient sound absorption for noise reduction. Add to that impact resistance and shock absorption for optimal walking comfort, with the cork reducing heel strike impacts and related body tensions.

That’s because our Climate+ cork flooring planks have a smart multi-layer system, with an innovative, PVC-free Cork Rigid Core that improves stability and acoustics. There’s also a 2.7mm layer of prime quality cork and integrated cork underlay, making this our corkiest collection yet!

Click here to read more about our incredibly sustainable Climate+ cork flooring collection.

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